ObjecTrieve is an X/OPEN standard compliant ISAM file manager with powerful extensions. 
                          This is a tool to be used with C or C++ languages. It is available on DOS, MS-Windows,
                           Linux and Unix systems. A Java access version (JTrieve) is also available.

                           ObjecTrieve supports truly variable length fields and also BLOBs (Binary Large Objects).
                           These capabilities make this product very useful in building applications, which have to
                            efficiently manage very large amount of data. 

                            This product has already been used for building applications, like, signature verification, 
                             Hyper Text, etc. 

                             Some of ObjecTrieve’s salient features are outlined below:

Ø Object management to store and retrieve objects

Ø Locking and Transactions

Ø Fixed and variable length records

Ø Unlimited indexes

Ø Supports a variety of data types:
  • Integer
  • Long
  • Float
  • Double
  • Char
  • Varchar
  • Object
Ø Multi-part indexes - up to 16 parts

Ø Exact, approximate and generic key search

Ø Embedded definition to store complete record information

Ø Container files to put multiple logical files into a single physical file

Ø User defined data types