ISQL is a window-oriented interface to the SQL Engine. This is a tool for ad hoc querying. This is also very useful during database applications development. Some of its important features are listed below:

Ø Scrollable edit window for typing queries

Ø Extensive query edit facilities; no need to escape to a system editor.
  • Delete current line or all lines
Ø Input redirection from script files

ØNested invocation of script files

ØInterrupting execution of a script file

Ø Option for abort or continue on error while executing a script file

Saving of query in a script file

Ø History saving of queries; Query recall and edit with forward and backward scrollability

Ø Online, context-sensitive help; browse facility through menu of related topics

Ø Vertically and horizontally scrollable result window

Ø Simultaneous viewing of query and its result

Ø Viewing of character and memo (varchar) data in a separate window

Ø Switching between the result window and the query window

Ø Aborting of query in the middle of execution

Saving of query result

Ø Execution of any operating system command