2.1. Standard Interface to the SQL Engine

Integra4 SQL engine services requests for data storage and retrieval from the front ends. Its primary tasks are:

  • Query compilation
  • Query optimisation
  • Handling of pre-compiled queries
  • Access control
  • Query evaluation
  • Logging and recovery
  • Concurrency management
  • Interfacing with physical file manager

Quite obviously, the front ends and the data server back end communicate to each other using a pre-determined interface. Integra4 uses the industry standard interface provided for accessing the SQL engine. This standard is known as Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

2.2. Gateways to Other File Systems and SQL Databases

Integra4 tables (relations) are normally stored and retrieved by COSOFT’s own file handler (ObjecTrieve) in its native file format. Over and above this, Integra4 architecture allows accessing of other foreign file formats. Building a gateway for a specific file system is only a small incremental effort. It is also possible to build gateways to other databases, such as, ORACLE, Informix, Ingres etc. Integra4, with multiple gateways can thus become an integrator of disparate data.

2.3. User Defined Functions (UDFs)

Integra-SQL comes with a rich set of built-in functions. However, no such set will completely meet the requirements of all users and developers all the time. Recognising this fact, Integra-SQL comes with a facility where by users can define and add new functions into the SQL engine. Once a function is added, it becomes available to all the development front-end tools as well, since all of them talk to the same SQL engine for database services.

Apart from the normal functions, user can also add aggregate functions in Integra4 SQL engine.

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