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                COSOFT (Formerly called Coromandel Software Ltd.) was formed in the year 1985. Since its inception COSOFT has come to be perceived and acknowledged as a leading developer of world-class database and related tools. To reinforce its commitment to quality products and services the company has acquired the ISO 9001 certification. Keeping in line with increasing client demands for complete solutions, COSOFT has for the past few years realigned its business direction and is positioning itself increasingly as a system integrator.


Over 200 man years of specialized experience in database managment and related tools

Highly skilled and experienced technical manpower for application development using client server and web based technologies.

Expertise in mission critical (OLTP) solution development.

Over 10,000 license of Integra4 sold Worldwide through international tie-ups with SCO, Microsoft and Borland.



              Intel based machines

              Access to RISC based machines (DEC Alpha, RS6000, HP9000)

              Latest software for application development and project management.


The experience of our development team covers a plethora of software and hardware environments

OS :- DOS, UNIX, VMS, VAX, TOPS-10/20, Windows NT/95, OS2

Tools :-4GL's, GUI and Case Tools

RDBMS :- Integra4, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix DB2 and Ingres

Language :- C, C++, JAVA, COBOL,

Hardware :- IBM 1401, Sun Sparc, AS400, RS6000, DEC PDP and ALPHA series, IBM PC

Our Experience

MRP II for batch production industries Hospital Management System

Portfolio Management System Financial Accounting and Payroll

Cylinder Inventory and Tracking


Integra4 :- RDBMS : India's only one and Asia's first RDBMS, Integra4 is a full-fledged RDBMS conforming to the latest International Standards like ANSI SQL 92, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and X/Open.

InForm & InScribe: These user-friendly CUI based front-end tools are used to for rapid application development and report generation. Being ODBC complaint, they can be used with any of the popular back-ends.

ObjecTrieve: It is an ISAM file manager which stores and manages data. Real time (time critical) applications are developed on C using ObjecTrieve.

BankOn: BankOn is a Total Branch Automation (TBA) incorporating international standards of user interface and security and provides for the entire operations of typical branches of banks.


SICGIL India Limited.
SICGIL Industrial Gases Limited.